New Collaborative Workspaces in the Library

September 20, 2010

Throughout the Library, you will find new collaborate work spaces added this summer.

On the fourth (top) floor in what's now called the East Wing, there are two big-screen monitors into which you can plug your own notebook/laptop and collaborate, share, tutor, demonstrate, or just work big. These two spaces are perfect for groups of 3-5.

On the third floor, you'll find the Blue Corner, a big-screen monitor with a standard lab computer attached. There are also 3 tables (feel free to rearrange them) and rolling chairs. This flexible space is just right for any group size up to 12.

Also on the third floor is the Speakeasy/Media Screening Room (room 314). When not in use as a presentation practice space hosted by the Speakeasy, this room will soon be available for watching movies on DVD or Blu-ray on a big screen with surround sound. Sink right into one of the 5 oversized chairs and you'll think Northfield actually has a movie theater (but keep the sound level reasonable—you're still in a library after all).

And don't forget about that oldie-but-goodie, the Drawing Board, the collaborative space in the Reference Room with a lab computer and big-screen monitor.

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