You can now print from your very own laptop!

January 31, 2012
By Iris Jastram

Current faculty, staff, and students can print to campus computers wirelessly from their personal laptops. Simply install the printers you want using the instructions on Carlpedia (login required) and then go to this URL:

From there, the printing process should be very familiar. Log in, select the document you wish to print, and send it to the release station. Then, at the release station, swipe your OneCard, select the document you wish to print, and click "print." For more detailed printing instructions, see the Carlpedia entry on printing with GoPrint.

If you prefer to install the same program on your computer that is on the campus lab computers (which will bring up a pop-up when you print) the files and instructions are available on the Carlpedia page.

For help configuring your laptop to print wirelessly contact either the ITS helpdesk at x5999 or see the CarlTech on duty at the Research/IT desk in the library.

[These instructions are also available under "About The Library" on the library's website.]

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