Carleton College Announces New Name for its Library

April 1, 2013
By Ann Zawistoski



“Toff Memorial Library” will honor beloved campus cat

NORTHFIELD, MN, April 1, 2013 – Carleton College announced today that it will change the name of its library, formerly “Laurence McKinley Gould Library” to “Toff Memorial Library,” effective immediately. The new name honors beloved campus cat, Toff (1997-2011).

The announcement comes on April 1, 2013, as the campus celebrates what would have been Toff’s 16th birthday. According to a librarian at the newly named Toff library, the decision stemmed from a few factors. “Toff embodied the characteristics that we hope to inspire in all Carleton students: curiosity, playfulness, overcoming obstacles (like doors), and of course, a love of the library.”

The Toff Memorial Library had previously been named the “Laurence McKinley Gould Library” after the well-loved Carleton professor, president, and Antarctic explorer. “While we admired Gould’s story and place in Carleton’s history,” continued the librarian, “we found that students associate Gould with cold weather and harsh conditions, and especially after this year's winter, we just want to forget that cold weather exists. Toff, on the other hand, brings to mind warm, soft, and fuzzy thoughts.”

The Toff Memorial Library will be celebrating the its new name, as well as Toff’s birthday with cat-themed treats, served today in the Toff Library lobby.

Learn more about Toff and his legacy at Carleton College in the 2007 documentary.



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