New Online Resources: British Literary Manuscripts Online, 19th Century Collections Online

June 10, 2013
By Matt Bailey

We've just added two new online resources to the Gould Library collection: British Literary Manuscripts Online and 19th Century Collections Online.

British Literary Manuscripts Online is a digital archive of manuscripts from approximately 1120 to 1900. It includes hundreds of thousands of pages of letters, poems, stories, plays, chronicles, religious writings, and other materials from authors such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dickens, Charlotte Brontë, Swift, Wilde, and many others. Sources for the manuscripts include the British Library, the National Library of Scotland, the Folger Shakespeare Library, Princeton University Library, and others.

19th Century Collections Online, billed as "the most ambitious scholarly digitization and publication program ever undertaken," includes millions of pages of full-text primary sources in several themed collections:

  • Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
  • British Politics and Society
  • British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture
  • Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest
  • European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection
  • Photography: The World Through the Lens
  • Science, Technology and Medicine, 1780-1925
  • Women: Transnational Networks