Active Learning Spaces -- In Theory and in Practice Workshop

As classroom spaces, and technologies that are available in those spaces, change, how might we think differently about our approaches to teaching and engaging students in the classroom? In this workshop, we’ll explore effective practices for teaching in active learning classrooms with flexible furniture and/or enhanced technology capabilities. On Day 1, participants will learn about effective pedagogical practices in active learning classrooms, explore the physical and tech set-ups that are available in various active learning spaces at Carleton (Weitz 235, Anderson Hall classrooms, and LDC 243), and brainstorm with colleagues about how they might use these spaces for courses that they teach. On Day 2 of the workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to redesign a lesson from one of their courses to utilize one of these spaces, and on Day 3, participants will test their redesigned lessons by doing microteaching in these active learning spaces with colleagues.

Eligible participants will receive a stipend of $180 for three mornings

Facilitators: Don Vosburg, Director of the Language Center; Celeste Sharpe, Interim Director of Academic Technology; Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Director of the LTC 

December 10, 11 & 12

9:00am-12pm (includes lunch on day 1), Weitz 235, Anderson 121 and LDC 243