Supporting Students’ Quantitative Skills Development Across the Curriculum Workshop

This workshop will build on discipline specific-conversations and broaden those discussions with the aim of fostering a better understanding of how instructors (1) identify the quantitative skills (QS) that students bring to introductory courses and (2) support students when they need to build those quantitative skills. We will explore how multidisciplinary online resources might be one tool -- among many -- to help move beyond course- or discipline-specific silos of QS support, to foster student quantitative skill-building more broadly and promote the development and transfer of skills across disciplinary contexts. 

Workshop participants will explore the potential benefits of pre-course QS diagnostics and considerations of how to administer these diagnostics in a manner that doesn’t dishearten students or trigger identity threats. Using three QS online modules as case studies, participants will explore the opportunities and challenges of finding common ground in how we think about and support student QS development across different disciplinary contexts, and consider how to use such modules to support students in a variety of courses. We will look at some existing online resources that have been shown to be effective in building student QS in particular disciplinary contexts, and consider how we might apply smart instructional design principles to support student QS development across the curriculum.

Eligible participants will receive a stipend of $120 for both afternoons.

Facilitators: Melissa Eblen-Zayas, LTC Director, Lin Winton, QRC Director Sundi Richard, Assistant Director for Digital Learning, Davidson College

December 11 & 12

Weitz 235 - 1:00-4:00pm