Write No Matter What Book Discussion

Write No matter What: Advice for Academics

by Jolie Jensen

Jensen’s book is designed as a self-help manual for faculty writers, but her core lessons apply equally well to much of the work we do with students at Carleton.  Jensen’s opening argument is to approach writing with a “craftsman attitude‚” that is, to see one’s writing (and by extension, one’s scholarly work) as a skill set that we develop overtime, as opposed to seeing every project as either a career-defining magnum opus or a failure.  Later in the book, she outlines several “writing myths” that commonly prevent writers from maintaining their productivity, including "Imposter Syndrome," "The Cleared Deck Fantasy‚" and "One More Source."  These myths touch on issues of self-image, professional identity, and workload management that we’ve all had to learn and re-learn at different phases of our academic careers.  Students struggle with these issues as well, of course, particularly students on the far end of the achievement gap.  By discussing Jensen’s book we can bring together two ongoing conversations: how faculty can maintain scholarship at a teaching-focused school and how we can help our students to develop realistic goals and self-images that will help them overcome the challenges of the Carleton curriculum.

Convener: George Cusack, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum

Book Group Meeting Dates

  • Wednesday, January 15 - 4:00-5:30pm in the LTC Library (Weitz 146)
  • Wednesday, February 5 - 4:00-5:30pm in the LTC Library (Weitz 146)