Fall 2006: The Curriculum and Beyond

  • Created 9 November 2006; Published 4 December 2008
    Learning and Teaching Off-campus: Marine Biology Seminar Longitudinal Study Project

    Philip Camill, Associate Professor of Biology; Fred Hagstrom, Professor of Art; Helena Kaufman, Director of Off-Campus Studies; and Gary Wagenbach, Winifred and Atherton Bean Professor of Biology, Science, Technology and Society

    In the fall of 2005 the Off-Campus Studies Office initiated a longitudinal study of Carleton's longest running off-campus program, Gary Wagenbach's Marine Biology and Ecology seminar. OCS surveyed 467 alums and with the response rate of 52% collected a rich set of data. Through a mixture of quantitative and open-ended questions, the survey explores the intellectual and personal impact of off-campus studies programming on student learning.

  • Created 2 November 2006; Published 22 February 2007
    A Curriculum for the Consciously Creative Campus

    A faculty panel presentation facilitated by Scott Bierman, Dean of the College.

  • Created 26 October 2006; Published 22 February 2007
    Exploring Big Questions: Lessons for the Future from the Katrina Symposium

    Michael Hemesath, Professor of Economics, Chair of the Ethical Inquiry at Carleton Program; Beverly Nagel, Associate Dean of the College; and Kimberly Smith, Associate Professor of Political Science

    Cosponsor: Ethical Inquiry at Carleton (EthiIC) Program

  • Created 19 October 2006; Published 22 February 2007
    Toros, Tappas, Tinnitus

    Fernan Jaramillo, Associate Professor of Biology

    Faculty Scholarship Forum 

  • Created 12 October 2006; Published 2 December 2008
    Imagining the Curriculum: A Full Contact Lunch

    Scott Bierman, Dean of the College; Scott Carpenter, Professor of French; and Ron Rodman, Professor of Music

    Cosponsor: Education and Curriculum Committee (ECC)

  • Created 5 October 2006; Published 1 March 2007
    Owning Assessment: The Benefits of Combining Faculty Development and Assessment of Student Learning

    Joe Harris, Director of Expository Writing, Duke University

  • Created 28 September 2006; Published 15 December 2008
    Surviving Hiroshima: Experiencing the Bomb and Its Aftermath

    Mr. Kimiyoji Kawasaki, Ms. Junko Kayashige, Mr. Tadahiko Murata, and Ms. Myako Yano

    Cosponsors: Carleton and St. Olaf Departments of Asian Languages and Literatures and Carleton’s Asian Studies program, Perlman LTC, and Mellon Faculty Lifecycles grant

  • Created 28 September 2006; Published 1 March 2007
    Collecting Art for All: Building Towards a Teaching Museum at Carleton College

    Laurel Bradley, Director of Exhibitions & Curator of the College Art Collection, Lecturer in Art and Art Histor;
    Jill Ewald, Director of Exhibitions and Programs, St. Olaf College; Laura Schneider '07, and Hallie Scott '07

  • Created 21 September 2006; Published 1 March 2007
    A Civically Engaged Campus: Mobilizing College Resources for Community Benefit

    Nadinne Cruz, Educational Consultant, former Director of the Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford University and former Director of the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA)

    Cruz suggested the following reading for both the LTC sessions she offered: It is the WK Kellogg Foundation-funded report, “Linking Scholarship and Communities,” with pp 8-13 the most useful section. While the report is focused on education for the health professions, there are useful definition of terms, a couple of good graphics, and reference to how engaged scholarship is an application of Boyer's Scholarship Reconsidered.

    Cosponsor: Academic Civic Engagement Initiative

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