Fall 2008: Autumn Opportunities

  • Created 13 November 2008; Published 21 November 2008
    LTC: Caught in the Act

    Alumni Guest House meeting room: Clara Hardy, Professor of Classical Languages; Deanna Haunsperger, Professor of Mathematics; Stephen Mohring, Associate Professor of Art; John Ramsay, Professor of Educational Studies; Lew Weinberg, Media Technology Specialist and Team Lead; Chico Zimmerman, Professor of Classical Languages and Coordinator, Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching

  • Created 4 November 2008; Published 25 November 2008
    LTC: Urban Lessons: Teaching the City with Connected Students

    In off-campus programs and in the classroom, we ask students to make sense of urban areas, even though not all students are familiar with or comfortable in such environments. How can we help students "decode" cities effectively so they are able to look beyond surface qualities to the often hidden life of an urban area, or to understand the relationship of cities to the surrounding countryside and to the larger global community? With: Devashree Gupta, Assistant Professor of Political Science; Humberto Huergo, Professor of Spanish; Robert Oden, President and Professor of Religion.

  • Created 9 October 2008; Published 10 October 2008
    LTC: The Future of Carleton's Past: Archiving Comps

    Matt Bockol, Web Technical Administrator, ITS; Carol Eyler, Head of Technical Services, Gould Library; Cam Davidson, Associate Professor of Geology; Eric Hilleman, College Archivist.

  • Created 2 October 2008; Published 10 October 2008
    LTC: faculty scholarship forum--‘Sissy Race’: The Black Hypermasculine Image in Posters of the Chinese Cultural Revolution

    Harry McKinley Williams, Laird Bell Professor of History.

  • Created 23 September 2008; Published 10 October 2008
    LTC: Team-Based Learning: An Effective Strategy for Increasing Student Engagement and Learning

    Rich Goedde, Associate Professor of Economics and Director of Management Studies, St. Olaf College and Fernan Jaramillo, Associate Professor of Biology, Carleton College.

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