Spring 2009 - Spring into Learning


  • Created 28 May 2009; Published 28 May 2009
    LTC: QuIRK at 5

    Nathan Grawe, associate professor of economics and director of QuIRK, and Greg Marfleet, associate professor of political science.

    For 5 years QuIRK has been working to develop quantitative reasoning among students'. Come learn what assessment has taught us about who is using quantitative reasoning and how that has changed over the course of the initiative.

  • Created 14 May 2009; Published 25 May 2009
    LTC: Values in the Classroom?

    LTC: Values in the Classroom?

    Carolyn Fure-Slocum, College Chaplain; Lori Pearson, assistant professor of religion; Stacy Beckwith, associate professor of Hebrew; Sharon Akimoto, professor of psychology; and Nathan Grawe, associate professor of economics.

    Recent data suggests that faculty and student have different expectations of whether values or 'meaning of life' questions belong in the classroom. This panel will wrestle with different approaches to whether and how to address 'the big questions' in the classroom.

  • Created 7 May 2009; Published 25 May 2009
    LTC: Peer-Led Team Learning in General Chemistry

    LTC: Peer-Led Team Learning in General Chemistry: Implementation, Leader Training, and Evaluation

    Professor Regina F. Frey, Director of WU Teaching Center and Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry; Washington University in St. Louis.

    At Washington University, peer-led team-learning (PLTL) groups have been implemented in both semesters of our general-chemistry series, as well as the three semesters of calculus and the two semesters of general physics. Two major differences in our PLTL program compared to those implemented elsewhere are: optional participation in our program, and the development of a peer-leader training program that includes a semester-long multi-disciplinary training course on group facilitation. This talk will focus on describing the implementation and peer-leader training of our PLTL program, as well as the statistical evaluation of our General-Chemistry PLTL program.

  • Created 5 May 2009; Published 25 May 2009
    LTC: Dialogos: Faculty Research Exchange

    LTC: Dialogos: Faculty Research Exchange, “Borders: Migration, Immigration, and Hybridity”

    Cathy Yandell, W. I. and Hulda F. Daniell Professor of French Literature, Language & Culture Director of French & Francophone Studies, David and Marian Adams Bryn-Jones Distinguished Teaching Professor of the Humanities; Silvia Lopez, Associate Professor of Spanish, Director of Latin American Studies; Dana Strand, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of French and the Humanities; and Jay Levi, Professor of Anthropology, Chair of Sociology and Anthropology - Presented on their own research.

  • Created 28 April 2009; Published 8 May 2009
    LTC: Into the Community: The State of Academic Civic Engagement at Carleton

    This presentation features reports from our year long study of the state of academic civic engagement at Carleton.

    Adrienne Falcón, Coordinator of Academic Civic Engagement and Visiting Instructor in Sociology.

    Ariel VandeVoorde reported about student experiences; Lauren Blacik reported on faculty experiences; and Whitney Allen and Christa Frinter reported on public sociology and the art's sector.

  • Created 21 April 2009; Published 27 April 2009
    LTC: High Stakes Assessment and Higher Education

    LTC: High Stakes Assessment and Higher Education

    Lloyd Bond, Recently retired Senior Scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Cosponsored by QuIRK (Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge).

    As Carleton implements a new curriculum we will want to make sure that it meets the goals set forth in the College's mission statement.  While potentially exciting and helpful, this movement toward assessment also presents challenges and risks.  Lloyd Bond, recently retired Senior Scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, is an accomplished scholar of assessment.  Following on early work focused on K-12 education (including the racial achievement gap and cultural test biases), Bond has extended his studies to higher education.  He will discuss what the national trend toward assessment and accountability means for colleges like Carleton.

  • Created 16 April 2009; Published 17 April 2009
    Facebook Friends: Social Networking in Academia

    Amy Csizmar Dalal, assistant professor of computer science; Arjendu Pattanayak, associate professor of physics. Chris Logel '10, Philosophy Major; Introduced by Michael Hemesath; Cosponsored by EthIC (Ethical Inquiry at Carleton).

    What are the benefits and drawbacks to faculty, students and their interactions from using the new social networking technology?

  • Created 14 April 2009; Published 17 April 2009
    LTC: Our Frosh: Who are they, and Why does it matter?

    An interactive session exploring the initial result of the Wabash National Study of Liberal Arts Education. Charles Blaich, Center of Inquiry Director at Wabash College; and Liz Ciner, Associate Dean of the College. Refreshments provided.

  • Created 9 April 2009; Published 10 April 2009
    Picturing New Orleans: Studying Social Problems Through Filmmaking

    Kimberly Smith, associate professor of political science; and Victoria Morse, associate professor of history; and Nick Bellos '12, Rebecca Gourevitch '12, Elena Rosenberg-Carlson '12.

    Cosponsor: Visuality Initiative

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