Spring 2010

  • Created 27 May 2010; Published 1 June 2010
    LTC: What Can We Learn from Carleton's Alumni Survey

    Presenters: Jim Fergerson, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment; Cherry Danielson, Associate Director, Institutional Research and Assessment.

    In 2009, Carleton conducted its largest alumni survey, including all living alumni from the classes of the 1930s to 2005. IRA staff presented a summary of findings from the survey. What has changed? What have Carleton alumni done after Carleton? What would they like to see Carleton do better?

  • Created 18 May 2010; Published 24 May 2010
    LTC: How Teachers Coach

    Presenters: Debby Walser-Kuntz, Associate Professor of Biology; Susan Singer, Laurence McKinley Gould Professor of the Natural Sciences; Sarah Deel, Lecturer in Biology.

    Successful college students must transition from being fact consumers to being problem solvers; our coaching approach supports students in becoming effective problem solvers. We found out about faculty-coached problem solving and how we know it works.

  • Created 11 May 2010; Published 24 May 2010
    LTC: Open Access: Bane or Boon for Scholarship

    Presenters: Sam Demas, College Librarian; Michael Hemesath, Professor of Economics; Alison Kettering, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Art History; Justin London, Professor of Music; Al Montero, Associate Professor of Political Science.

    This panel of presenters discussed the pros and cons of the movement in academia to encourage open, free and immediate scholarly access to research. How does this policy affect the small liberal arts community and Carleton?

  • Created 29 April 2010; Published 30 April 2010
    LTC: Beyond the Data

    Presenters: Mary Savina, Charles L. Denison Professor of Geology and Faculty Assessment Coordinator and Cherry Danielson, Associate Director, Institutional Research and Assessment.

    Carleton collects a lot of information from its students, faculty, staff, and alums. Are there any results which might inform our teaching or academic programs? In this session, we looked at several results from recent surveys and model how to use these results - and other institutional data - to learn more about what and how our students learn.

  • Created 27 April 2010; Published 28 April 2010
    LTC Lunch: Dialogos: Faculty Research Exchange - Humberto Huergo

    "Photographic Theory in 1920's Madrid" with Humberto Huergo as presenter and John Schott as respondent. Co-sponsored by the Humanities Center.

  • Created 20 April 2010; Published 21 April 2010
    LTC: Both Sides Now: The Pro's and Con's of Cloud-computing

    Presenters: Joel Cooper, director of Information Technology Services; Jeff Ondich, professor of mathematics and computer science; Fred Rogers, vice president and treasurer; Joel Weisberg, Herman and Gertrude Mosier Stark Professor of Physics and Astronomy and the Natural Sciences; and Fiona MacNeill, Academic Technologist

    What does the future hold for web-based applications, and should we be worried about losing control of those applications and their associated data. It was a lively discussion from a variety of campus perspectives.

  • Created 13 April 2010; Published 14 April 2010
    LTC: Managing Student Drafts (and Getting Past Desperation)

    Presenters: Chico Zimmerman, Humphrey Doermann Professor of Liberal Learning and Professor of Classical Languages; Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Assistant Professor of Physics; Carol Rutz, Director of the College Writing Program and Senior Lecturer in English.

    With the advent of the new Argument & Inquiry Seminars that are Writing-Rich by definition, more of us will explicitly coach new students on their writing during their first term of college. Anyone with any wisp of anxiety about tackling the work of responding to student writing in timely, helpful, efficient ways are encouraged to attend and are welcome to share their secret coping mechanisms.

  • Created 8 April 2010; Published 13 April 2010
    LTC: Lessons from Local and International Service Learning in Science

    Professor Neena Grover, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Colorado College.

    Professor Grover, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Colorado College, shared her experiences with HIV/AIDS-based Problem-Based Service Learning Course (for Biochemistry majors) and International Service Learning course on HIV/AIDS Education (for all students). She discussed the pros and cons of using Service Learning and special challenges of International Service Learning. She discussed how she got started and why she is still doing it!

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