Spring 2012: What's On Your Mind?

  • Created 29 May 2012; Published 6 July 2012
    LTC: Independent Islam: Religion and Secularism at the Birth of South Sudan

    This talk will explore how the nascent state of South Sudan is managing religious diversity as well as how Muslim minorities living in that state are constituting themselves under the new political arrangements they have entered. Based on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in the summer of 2011, this presentation will discuss the potentials and pitfalls in attempts by South Sudanese state and society to overcome the negative inheritances of civil war and to promote coexistence and equal citizenship.

    Presenter: Noah Salomon, Assistant Professor of Religion

    Co-sponsored with African and African-American Studies

  • Created 5 April 2012; Published 6 July 2012
    LTC: What Faculty Really Think

    In this session, we delve into data from the most recent faculty survey (HERI) to discover their perspectives on advising and mentoring, workload, goals and values, community and more.What you think about these things may surprise you! This will be especially useful for everyone involved in our strategic planning process.

    Presenter: Cherry Danielson, Associate Director of Institutional Research and Assessment


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