Winter 2006: Cross-Disciplinary Curricular Initiatives: Continuing the Conversation

  • Created 2 March 2006; Published 2 December 2008
    Wikipedia and the Web-Savvy researcher

    Iris Jastram, Reference and Instruction Librarian for Literature and Languages; Heather Tomkins, Reference and Instruction Librarian for the Humanities; Kris Wedding, Assistant Professor of Physics

  • Created 28 February 2006; Published 4 December 2008
    Is the Visual Ascendant? Images, Imaging, and Education in the 21st Century

    Laurel Bradley, Director of Exhibitions and Curator of the College Art Collection; Cathy Manduca, Director, Science Education Resource Center; Beverly Nagel, Associate Dean of the College; John Schott, James Woodward Strong Professor of the Liberal Arts

    Thanks to computer technology and the internet, almost anyone can readily integrate images with text. Film,
    video, and websites, while captivatingly visual, are also "multi-media" and multi-sensual. What are the implications of this "shift to the visual" for higher education? For teaching and learning at Carleton? How should the college curriculum address the visual, visuality and visualization?

  • Created 23 February 2006; Published 23 January 2008
    Storming the Castle: A Conversation About Transferring Skills and Cocepts Between Disciplines

    John D. Bransford, James W. Mifflin University Professor of Education and Psychology at the University of Washington, Seattle and Director, Center for Learning in Informal and Formal Environments (LIFE)

    Read Bransford’s How People Learn, Brain, Mind, Experience, and School online

    Cosponsors: by Mellon Faculty Life Cycles Grant, The College Writing Program, Psychology Department, and St. Olaf College Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts.

  • Created 14 February 2006; Published 1 December 2008
    The Humanities in Focus

    Shahzad Bashir, Associate Professor of Religion; Laurence Cooper, Associate Professor of Political Science; Susannah Ottaway, Associate Professor of History; Cathy Yandell, W.I. and Hulda F. Daniell Professor of French Literature, Language and Culture

    The LTC panel will discuss the vitality of the humanities today and the role of these subjects in the Carleton curriculum, including the prospects for a Humanities Center.

  • Created 7 February 2006; Published 2 December 2008
    Numbers of Words about Numbers with Words: How Faculty are Integrating Quantitative Thinking and Writing in Their Courses

    Adriana Estill, Assistant Professor of English and American Studies; Tammy Feldman, Visiting Associate Professor of Economics; Neil Lutsky, Professor of Psychology; Mary Savina, Professor of Geology and Coordinator for the LTC

    Cosponsors: Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning and Knowledge Initiative (QuIRK), FIPSE, and the College Writing Program

  • Created 31 January 2006; Published 8 December 2008
    Integrative and Interdisciplinary Learning in First-Year Linked Science Seminars

    Tricia Ferrett, Professor of Chemistry; and Lawrence Wichlinski, Associate Professor of Psychology

    Trish Ferrett and Larry Wichlinkski have been working with a group of other science and math faculty on a new study on integrative learning in first-year science courses. After providing the larger context for this study, Trish and Larry will talk mostly about their linked first-year seminar on paradigm shifts from last fall, which spanned science and social science. Both instructors taught a modern, ongoing paradigm shift--Trish on abrupt climate change, Larry on the mind-brain relationship. Their joint seminar sessions explored issues of human conceptual change. Trish and Larry will try to provide some insight into what kinds of integrative thinking first-term first-year Carleton students actually do, what this looks like, and how course design can further encourage integrative thinking in younger college students.

    Cosponsor: Carleton Interdisciplinary Science and Math Initiative (CISMI)

  • Created 24 January 2006; Published 3 December 2008
    A Diversity Mission Statement for Carleton: Open Discussion of Proposal

    Djiara Meehan, Assistant Dean of Admissions; Al Montero, Associate Professor of Political Science; Rob Oden, President of the College; John Ramsay, Associate Dean of the College; Alisa Sánchez ‘06; Kaaren Williamsen-Garvey, Director of Gender and Sexuality Center and LGBT Advisor

  • Created 19 January 2006; Published 2 December 2008
    International Insights on Undergraduate Education at Carleton and Beyond

    Beverly Nagel, Associate Dean; Naran Bilik, Professor of Asian Studies and Anthropology; Louis Fishman, Visiting Instructor in History; Daniela Kohen, Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Seungjoo Yoon, Assistant Professor of History

  • Created 10 January 2006; Published 3 December 2008
    Abuzz With Excitment: Building the Consciously Creative Campus

    Scott Bierman, Dean of the College; Laurel Bradley, Director of Exhibitions & Curator of the College Art Collection, Lecturer in Art and Art History; Robin Hart Ruthenbeck, Director of Campus Activities; and Greg Smith, Professor of English

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