Winter 2009: Frozen Delights

  • Created 5 March 2009; Published 9 March 2009
    Teaming Up for Results: New Directions in Teaching Using Technology

    Carly Born, Academic Technologist; Clara Hardy, Professor of Classical Languages; Paula Lackie, Academic Technologist; Andrea Phelps, Academic Technology Associate; Doug McGill, former visiting professor in Journalism; Lew Weinberg, Academic Technologist team lead; and Carol Rutz, Director of the College Writing Program, Senior Lecturer in English

    What are the elements of a successful collaboration? The Academic Technologists present case studies of several experimental course activities. They will discuss collaborative strategies for both big "T" and little "t" technology to benefit your curricular and research work.

  • Created 26 February 2009; Published 3 March 2009
    The Arb: It's Not Just About Birdwatching

    Nancy Brakker, Arb Director; Dan Bruggeman, Senior Lecturer in Art; Mike Kowalewski, McBride Professor of English and Environmental Studies; Mark McKone, Professor of Biology and Research Supervisor of the Cowling Arboretum; Mary Savina, Charles L. Denison Professor of Geology; and Katie St. Clair, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

    The Cowling Arboretum, situated immediately adjacent to campus, provides easy access and opportunities for incorporating the natural world into the classroom experience in a variety of ways. Hear from your colleagues about how they have utilized the Arb in their teaching and research, and help brainstorm on additional ways the Arb might be incorporated into the academic setting.

  • Created 19 February 2009; Published 19 February 2009
    Translating Principles of Learning into Practice: Creating an Integrated Curriculum

    Claudia Neuhauser, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Director of the Center for Learning Innovation, Director of Graduate Studies, Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology, HHMI and Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor

    The University of Minnesota Rochester is developing a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. The academic home of this new degree program is the Center for Learning Innovation where faculty from different disciplines will use insights from the science of learning to develop a learner-centered, technology-enhanced, assessment-driven, and community-integrated curriculum that integrates knowledge across disciplines.

    Cosponsors: Carleton Interdisciplinary Science and Math Initiative (CISMI) and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) with support from QuIRK (Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge)

  • Created 5 February 2009; Published 17 February 2009
    Faculty Scholarship Forum: Stainless Steel Rabbits and other Curiosities

    Kelly Connole, Assistant Professor of Art

    Following a three-month residency at an investment casting foundry, Assistant Professor of Art, Kelly Connole examines the connections between her recent work in metals and her on-going creative work in clay.

  • Created 29 January 2009; Published 10 February 2009
    The Curriculum Review: Perspectives from New Students

    Sameena Ahmed, Ian Holmen, and Beserat Kelati, all class of 2012, and Carol Rutz, Director of the Writing Program and Senior Lecturer in English

    Students in a fall 2008 English 109 section read about the liberal arts in general as well as the internal documents relating to Carleton's ongoing curriculum review to launch their research on possible curricular options for Carleton. Three students will present their research posters, and Carol Rutz will offer the course architecture.

  • Created 22 January 2009; Published 10 February 2009
    Exhibitions: Curating and Curriculum

    Laurel Bradley, Director of Exhibitions and Curator; Kelly Connole, Assistant Professor of Art, co-curator World Ceramics exhibition; Carol Donelan, Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Studies, co-curator Modernizing Melodrama exhibition

    As Carleton works toward a Teaching Museum in the Arts Union, experiments have intensified in coordinating the curatorial process with teaching and learning. World Ceramics: Transforming Women's Traditions (fall 2008) and Modernizing Melodrama (winter 2009), two exhibitions collaboratively produced by the art gallery and faculty members, provide a frame for exploring the challenges and opportunities of such projects.

  • Created 15 January 2009; Published 19 January 2009
    Quantitatve Reasoning in the Arts, Literature, and Humanities

    Sun Hee Lee, CFD Fellow in the English Department; George H. Vrtis, Assistant Professor of Environmental
    and Technology Studies and History; and Harry McKinley Williams, Laird Bell Professor of History

    The way students encounter quantitative reasoning differs widely across departments. The QuIRK initiative has been supporting curricular reform in all four divisions through summer stipends and student RAs. Come hear how colleagues have used that support in interesting and innovative ways. Then learn how you, too, can receive support for revisions in your courses.

    Cosponsors: QuIRK (Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge Initiative) and Gould Library

  • Created 13 January 2009; Published 16 January 2009
    Developing Instituational Leardership Among Mid-Career Faculty Members; The Macalester Faculty Leadership Seminar

    Adrienne Christiansen, Political Science, Director of the Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching and Professor and Karine Moe, Economics

    Six years ago, Macalester College began a highly successful, year-long Academic Leadership Seminar to help mid-career and newly tenured faculty "think institutionally" and explore the many ways they can provide
    leadership, stewardship and service to the institution. We will describe the Seminar and discuss whether a similar program might be useful at Carleton.

    Cosponsor: by Mellon Faculty Lifecycles grant

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