Especially for Students

The Learning and Teaching Center is a resource for students and teachers interested in continuing to explore what it means to learn and to teach. Throughout the year we create spaces for both students and faculty to discuss issues about learning with each other. These may include topics such as group dynamics, class discussion skills, and dealing with difference, as well as personalized ways of understanding learning and teaching styles.

As its name suggests, the emphasis of the LTC is to put learning first by disseminating information about how students learn, and by hosting conversations about learning with both students and faculty. Our aim is to help individuals and groups become reflective about learning and teaching and how to better communicate about what works and what does not.

Learning: Styles and Stages

The Learning and Teaching Center has an abundance of literature regarding learning and how understanding the process of learning can help you in academic work. Students are welcome to visit the LTC library in Weitz Center 146.

Learning style, as we use it, refers to individual preferences and assumptions about how to take in information. Embedded within this notion are different dimensions, such as mode of taking in knowledge (visual, auditory, experimental, etc.), level of self-directedness, and attitudes about the role of a teacher, among other things. Learning stages refers to changes in attitudes and assumptions about the nature of knowledge and the purposes of learning as they may change for an individual over time.