Forwarding Employee Mail

The responsibility for forwarding employee departmental mail (academic and administrative) belongs to each department or office.

The Campus Post Office will make every effort to deliver such mail to the office/department the (former) employee worked in.

The current office/department staff have the responsibility to:

  • re-direct the piece internally,
  • forward it,
  • or return it to the sender.

What can be forwarded?

  • USPS First Class, Priority and Express mail can be forwarded to domestic and international addresses.

What cannot be forwarded?

  • FedEx, UPS, Airborne, DHL packages cannot be forwarded. They should be returned to the sender.
  • USPS Bulk and Non-Profit mail cannot be forwarded. This includes catalogs, magazines, newspapers, monthly journals, and newsletters. This mail should be re-directed within the department or recycled.