Contact Us/Service Hours

Campus Post Office and Mail Services are located in the Sayles-Hill lobby.
Phone: 507-222-4151

Service Window Hours:

  • 8am-5pm, Monday
  • 8am-5pm, Tuesday
  • 8am-6pm, Wednesday
  • 8am-5pm, Thursday
  • 8am-5pm, Friday
  • 10am-2pm, Saturday (during term only)
Locke Perkins - Supervisor of all Carleton mail operations: leighton 128 and Campus Post Office in Sayles-Hill
Locke Perkins ’06 Profile
Mail Services Supervisor

Locke Perkins - Supervisor of Carleton mail operations: Campus Post Office in Sayles-Hill

AJ Miller
AJ Miller
Mail Services and OneCard Program Coordinator
Judson Ulvestad
Judson Ulvestad
Director of Campus Services