Did you know that in 1900 Carleton astronomers packed up one of the college’s massive telescopes and put it on a train bound for North Carolina? Determined to see the May 28, 1900 solar eclipse, they set up camp near the town of Southern Pines, ate a proper lunch (after all, head of school Professor H.C. Wilson was there), and observed the eclipse.

I had no idea what I was getting into when my boss, Bruce Duffy, told me that I was going to spend the next few weeks moving the old Goodsell Observatory website into Reason — Carleton's modern website content management system. What I uncovered was a wealth of knowledge and hard work to which I am glad to have been exposed. I hope that my work on this new website has made the content housed here a little more accessible to the world.

Several months after I started, I have come away with a much more complete sense of the importance of the observatory and the significance of both present and past work at Goodsell. I encourage you to explore this website — from M2 to R2D2, there's a lot going on here!

Ben Levy ’15
May 6th, 2013

This website's content has been written over the past 17 years by many people. I would especially like to acknowledge the hard work of Nathaniel Motz who created and wrote much of the original site. His credits page can be found by clicking the link below. I also want to thank Joel Weisberg, Cindy Blaha, Bruce Duffy, and Andrew Peterson, all of whom have been instrumental in making this transition happen.

Nathaniel Motz’s Original Credits