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When I migrated Nathaniel Motz's old Goodsell website to this new website, I encountered some pages that had no place on the new website, but were nevertheless quite interesting (or funny)! I have archived these pages, and they are available below.

-Ben Levy

  • New CCD Camera

    When the physics department received its new CCD camera, everyone was excited to test it out (and play with it).
  • What's New in '96

    Goodsell Observatory News from 1996.
  • What's New in '97

    Goodsell Observatory News from 1997.
  • What's Up

    Current Happenings in the night sky (grouped by planet) from June 1996.
  • Summer Research 97

    Chronicles of life in Olin Hall of Science as told by Ryan Hennessy, Greg Stinson, and John Weiss who did research on campus in the summer of 1997.