Goodsell Observatory's Astronomy Links

There are a large number of great astronomy web sites on the internet and while we would like to be able to list them all, doing so would be next to impossible. We, therefore, have listed only our favorite sites. These include sites which we often use in astronomy classes/labs and public open houses as well as sites which are relevant to the astronomy and astrophysics program here at Carleton College.

Although we cannot list all of the web's astronomy sites, most of the sites listed on this page have a "links" page of their own. It is thus our hope that you will use these links as starting points from which to explore the world of online astronomy.

Also available are some links developed by students as part of special projects, focusing on certain topics or intended users. See "Links for Students, Teachers & Kids" and "Sun Specific Links" below.

Keep in mind that we designed this page to be browsed rather than used as a quick reference for finding specific information. In order to provide some organization, however, the links have been loosely arranged into different categories. We have also provided a short description of each link and in many cases these descriptions include sub-links which highlight a certain part of the main site being described. Enjoy!