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This links page was developed with the idea of being a resource for teachers, students, and children interested in astronomy.  Here you will find links to many pages, from NASA to the Girl Scouts and plenty in between.  Each main entry is accompanied by a coded star pictures to indicate which group (teachers, students or kids) would be most interested in the page. 

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The Space Telescope Science InstituteMore ImagesMore ImagesMore Images

STScI runs the Hubble Space Telescope, and is in charge of the future James Webb Space Telescope. Within this site you can find

  • Outreach - The central page to links for outreach and education.
  • The Amazing Space - full of information, activities, news and even homework help. There's also a section specifically for educators and developers.
  • Images - The Hubble Heritage Site contains beautiful galleries of images from the HST. More ImagesMore Images
Hubblesite is run independently of STScI and also contains lots of good information and activities, Fun & Games (where you can learn how to make your own model of the Hubble!), and a Reference Desk.

Are you a scout or scout master? Get astronomy related merit badges! Girl Scouts, find out about some ways to do so at the Girl Scouts' page on Space or in your manuals. Boy Scouts can find what's needed for the Astronomy and Space Exploration at Let us know if a visit to Goodsell can help you achieve your goals!

NASA More ImagesMore ImagesMore Images
NASA is always a good site to go to for space information. Find stuff here for

Also from NASA comes the Space Place. Play games, watch and listen to interviews with astronomers, find fun projects to do, and more! Older kids and students can check out Imagine the Universe for more resourses. Teachers can stop by the Teacher's Corner for some classroom activity ideas.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory More ImagesMore ImagesMore Images
JPL also links to the Space Place, but also has an Education Gateway for teachers and students.

The Spitzer Space Telescope More ImagesMore Images
This page gives all the information about and from the Spitzer Telescope (formerly SIRTF, the Space InfraRed Telescope Facility). Kids, be sure to visit Cool Cosmos to learn more about infrared both in space and on Earth. And have fun with infrared, too! For instance, have you ever seen an Infrared Zoo?

Windows on the Universe More ImagesMore ImagesMore Images
Find information about Astronomy and the Universe, as well as the Solar System and Earth on this extensive site. The Kid Space has three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) of games, information and other fun activities. For instructors, take a look at the Teacher Resources, also for three levels of students.

Chandra X-Ray Observatory More ImagesMore Images
Chandra examines yet another wavelength of light to find out more about the universe. This site provides lots of educational materials including interactive games, activities, and quizzes, printable materials for the classroom, and a listing of dozens of other education links and resources.

Star Child More ImagesMore Images
Here's a site all about astronomical concepts, but geared towards young astronomers. Also available in German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish (soon).

European Space Agency More ImagesMore Images
The ESA is NASA's counterpart in Europe. On their page, you can find an Education section with resources for teachers and students.

NOAO More ImagesMore Images
The National Optical Astronomy Observatory has a page of educational resources and programs.

NRAO More ImagesMore Images
The National Radio Astronomy Observatory also provides information on opportunities for teachers and students interested in radio astronomy.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich More ImagesMore Images
The Royal Greenwich Observatory page, run by the National Maritime Museum of Great Britain, provides more of a historical look at astronomy. Also, here you can find illustrated stories about the sky and a section of Kids' Stuff.

The American Astronomical SocietyMore ImagesMore Images
THe AAS provides Educational resources for teachers and students.

The American Association of Variable Star ObserversMore Images
AAVSO has an educational program for the classroom called
Hands-On Astrophysics. Bring variable stars right to your students!

Solar and Heliospheric ObservatoryMore Images
SOHO has plenty of Classroom Resources relating to the Sun.

YPOP - Yohkoh Public Outreach Project More ImagesMore Images
Another good solar resource is YPOP, brining you images and movies of the Sun. Teachers, be sure to see what activities the Solar Classroom has to offer.

Night Sky LiveMore ImagesMore Images
Ever wonder what the sky looks like in South Africa? Ever wonder what it looks like there right now? Night Sky Live has cameras around the world that show current images of the night sky. If you can't see the stars during your class, try the other side of the world!

The Astronomical Society of the PacificMore ImagesMore ImagesMore Images
Another source of good educational resources, ASoP also has a handy listing of Good Astronomical Activities on the Web.

Astronomy Picture of the DayMore ImagesMore ImagesMore Images
APOD has a long list of Educational links, as well as the new and exciting astronomical image every day.

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