ST-6 CCD camera setup and CCDOPS initialization

These steps explain how to setup a ST-6 CCD camera for imaging with a portable Meade telescope on one of the observatory's permanent piers. The start-up and initialization of CCDOPS is also covered.

Although the steps are listed in a "typical" order, they do not need to be followed exactly. As you gain more experience using this equipment you will come to have your own setup and imaging routine/technique. These steps should provide you with the general idea, however.

As always, you should familiarize yourself with the general precautions to be taken when using the ST-6 CCD cameras. Also, please use common sense and be careful when using the CCD cameras.

  1. Choose a cart and take it out to the observing pad. [more detail]
  2. Plug in the surge protector, connect the ethernet cable, and turn on the computer and CCD controls. [more detail]
  3. Start and configure CCDOPS. [more detail]