1. Choose a cart and take it out to the observing pad.

Choose which CCD and/or computer you want to use. This will determine which cart you take out to the pad.

Make sure the cart's computer is turned off (choose "Shut down" from the desktop's "Special" menu to do so) and then unplug the cart's surge protector (located on the bottom shelf of the cart) from the wall. Hang the surge protector's cord over one of the cart's posts so that it will not get in your way while you are moving the cart. There should be a short, hot-pink ethernet cable on the cart. Unplug the blue ethernet cable from the back of the computer (it unplugs similarly to a phone cord) and leave it lying on the floor. You will use the hot-pink cable outside on the pad.

If there are any items on the cart which will not be going outside with you (celestial sphere, cd-rom case, etc) take them off and leave them in Rm. 104. Put the mouse in the mouse holder on the monitor's side, place the mouse pad on the cart, and slide the mouse shelf into position under the cart's monitor/keyboard shelf (this will allow you to get the cart through the door).

Make sure that there are no cables dragging on the floor. Usually all long cables can be draped over one or more of the cart's three posts. It is also not a good idea to have any items on the top shelf of the cart as such items might fall from the shelf while in transit. Even if some items might survive a fall from the top shelf, realize that such items could easily slide off the shelf and land on the keyboard, your fingers, feet, etc...

Once the cart has been preped and is ready to go, roll the cart out to the observing pad. When leaving Rm. 104, it is best to pull the cart through the door with the monitor facing the direction of movement. You will probably have to lift the cart up slightly to get over the door jam. Whenever you lift up on one side of the cart watch the cart's contents to make sure that nothing is going to slide off of the shelves.

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