2. Plug in the surge protector, connect the ethernet cable, and turn on the computer and CCD controls.

Once you get the cart to the pier that you will be using, plug the cart's surge protector into the pier's standard power outlet (the lower outlet on the pier, beneath the ethernet outlet). Next plug one end of the hot-pink ethernet cable into the computer's ethernet jack, the same one from which you disconnected the blue ethernet cable when you were inside. Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into the ethernet outlet on the pier.

Turn the computer on by pressing the keyboard's power key. The power key is the the one with the triangle on it, on the opposite side of the keyboard from the "esc" key. Then switch on the CCD camera's "black box" (the black box should be on top of the computer on the shelf below the monitor/keyboard shelf). When turned on, the black box's toggle switch should light up.

Pull out the mouse shelf and replace the mouse and mouse pad.

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