Focusing for the ST-6 CCD Camera

Focusing is one of the most character building steps when imaging with a CCD camera. You will find, however, that a well focused image is definitely worth the trouble and time that it takes to achieve optimum focus.

These steps describe using the CCDOPS software to focus the optical system formed by an 8 inch Meade telescope and an attached ST-6 CCD camera.

Please use common sense and be careful when using the CCD cameras.

Remember that it's best not to focus on an extremely bright star.

  1. Some notes on using CCDOPS.  [more detail]
  2. The Focus Dialog Box.  [more detail]
  3. Select a sub-area of the chip for real-time image updates.  [more detail]
  4. Begin focusing.  [more detail]
  5. Refining the focus.  [more detail]