Basic setup of an 8 inch Meade telescope (LX200 and 2080)

The following steps describe how to setup a portable, 8 inch, Meade telescope on one of the permanent telescope piers located on the observatory's outdoor observing pad. Clicking on the "more detail" link at the end of each step listed here will take you to a more detailed description of that step.

Although the steps are listed in a "typical" order, they do not need to be followed exactly. You should, however, familiarize yourself with the general precautions to be taken when using the Meades. You should also realize that future students will be using these scopes and the condition that you leave them in, is the condition that they will receive them. In order that they will be able to use a reliable, precision instrument, please use common sense and be careful when using the telescopes.

  1. Choose a telescope and carry it out to the observing pad. [more detail]
  2. Gather the necessary telescope accessories. [more detail]
  3. Attach the telescope to the pier. [more detail]
  4. Plug the telescope in and turn it on. [more detail]
  5. Attach the telescope accessories. [more detail]
  6. Align the finder with the main scope. [more detail]