1. Choose a telescope and carry it out to the observing pad.

The portable, 8 inch telescopes consist of Meade LX200s (f/6.3 or f/10) and Meade 2080s (f/10). Currently there are five LX200s and two 2080s in the telescope room. Four of the LX200s are in large white cardboard boxes and are labeled with a number and a focal length (among other things). One LX200, number 7, and the older 2080s, numbers 5 and 2, are in telescope cases.

It is best if two people carry the telescope. However, if you are alone, it should be possible for you to carry the telescope by yourself. Just remember to be extra careful. You will find that the LX200s are a bit heavier than the 2080s.

Once on the pad, decide which telescope pier you will use. You will find that it is best to choose a pier with your height in mind.

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