2. Gather the necessary telescope accessories.

Parts boxes are on the top shelf of the cabinet in the telescope room. Make sure that you get the box that goes with your telescope (the boxes and telescopes have corresponding numbers).

Some optional items which you might find useful are a flashlight, a telrad, and a dewcap. Flashlights and telrads are on the shelf directly below the cabinet's top shelf. The telrads are in white boxes that say "Telrad." Choose the telrad which goes with the telescope you are using. Dew caps should be located somewhere near the telescopes. We currently have one plastic dewcap (with velcro) and a number of older dewcaps made out of cardboard. Some of the cardboard dewcaps have numbers on them, but these numbers do not necessarily correspond to the numbers on the telescopes so don't worry about getting the "right one."


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