4. Plug the telescope in and turn it on.

The LX200 has a power adaptor (a small black box) and a long power cord, both of which can be found in the parts box. Plug the adaptor's standard plug into the power outlet on the side of the pier. The short cord coming from the other end of the adaptor plugs into one end of the long power cord (only one end of the long power cord is compatible with the adaptor's cord). The other end of the long power cord plugs into the socket marked "Power" on the LX200's power panel.

Make sure that the North/South toggle switch labeled with "N" and "S" on the power panel is switched to the North position. Before you turn on the scope, by toggling the power panel's on/off switch, it is convenient to decide in which mode you will be using the LX200....

Without the keypad (no access to the telescope's computer):
If you do not want to use the LX200's built in computer and all you desire is to have the LX200 track the sky then there is nothing that you have to do before switching the LX200 on.
With the keypad (access to the telescope's computer):
Make sure that both the R.A. and Dec. locks are unlocked before moving the scope. Point the telescope so that it points roughly south, at the meridian, and also at the celestial equator (the tube parallel to the face of the wedge). Lock the scope in this position.

Before you switch the power on, locate the two cords with phone jack type connectors in the telescope case. You will notice that one cord has connectors which are not as wide as the other cord. This "small connector" cord is the keypad cord. Plug one end of this cord into the keypad and the other end into the jack labeled "Keypad" on the the power panel. The other cord (with the wider connectors) is the Dec. motor cord. Plug one end of the Dec. motor cord into the jack labeled "Dec. Motor" on the power panel and the other end into the jack, also labeled "Dec. Motor," on the fork arm. If you are facing the power panel and the scope is locked in the above mentioned position, the fork arm, Dec. motor jack will be facing you on the right fork arm.

Now the scope can be turned on.

The 2080s have a single power cord which is stored in the telescope's case. The standard plug end of the power cord plugs into the power outlet located on the pier. The other end of the power cord plugs into the bottom of the telescope's base from the back of the wedge. Once plugged in, the telescope is "on."


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