5. Attach the telescope accessories.


You will find the finder in the telescope case. The finder slides into the "finder holder" (located on the telescope's tube on the eyepiece end) from the objective end of the telescope. Tighten the two set screws on the finder holder to hold the finder in place. The finder will likely have small, black, plastic lens caps covering its lenses. A good place to store these caps while using the finder is in the telescope case.
The finder should already be attached when you take the telescope from its case. Store the finder lens caps in the telescope case while you are using the finder.

To look through the telescope you will have to remove the main lens cap from the objective end of the telescope (simply pull it off). It is convenient to store this lens cap in the telescope's case while you are using the telescope. On the eyepiece end of the telescope, remove the black, plastic cover from the optical tube's rear cell (it should just pull off, but if it is tight try screwing it off). Again, it is convenient to store this cap in the telescope's case while you are using the telescope. Once this cap is removed the eyepiece holder (located in the parts box) can be screwed on to the rear cell. An eyepiece (also in the parts box) can now be inserted into the eyepiece holder and held fast by the small thumb screw on the eyepiece holder.

The telrad is attached to the telescope by placing the telrad in the telrad holder which is located on the telescope's tube near the finder holder. On each end of the telrad holder there is an open slot. The telrad sits in these slots and is held in place by the thumb screws, one on each end of the slots.

The dewcap fits around the objective end of the telescope and acts as an extension of the tube. It might be a little difficult to get the cardboard dewcaps on. If you are standing facing the objective, start by putting the dewcap on the top edge of the tube. Then work your fingers around the end of the dewcap (your fingers will be in between the dewcap and the end of the tube) opening up the dewcap enough so that it will fit around the tube. Even when the cardboard dewcaps are completely on they will seem unstable (sometimes they will even fall off), this is normal.

One reason for this unstableness is the different attachments which might be on the telescope. These attachments, such as weight bars and camera mounts, may or may not have been on the telescope when the dewcap was made. If these attachments were not attached when the dewcap was made, but presently are attached, then they will block the dewcap from being put far enough on the tube to be stable. Conversely, if the attachments were on when the dewcap was made but are no longer on the scope then the dewcap will have slots cut out of it which will also make it unstable. If possible, try to find a dewcap that has the appropriate slots cut in it for the attachments that are on the scope.

If you are using the the plastic dewcap with velcro, simply wrap the dewcap around the end of the tube and velcro it together.


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