Michele's Astronomy Web Page

This spring of 1998 I have been doing an independent observing project with Cindy Blaha. Alas this term I was without my previous observing partner, Margaretha Warnicke, who has moved on to bigger and better things. The term has involved a lot of review reminding myself of imaging procedure, but I can happily say it has ended with several results. I now know how to set up and Lx200 even with the electronic paddle. I can even get it to work when it doesn't decide to tell me strange things. Likewise, I think I finally understand the focusing process for the CCD camera. Unfortunately, I learned all of this right before graduating, but at least I can now say I really understand what I am doing. With that I would like to present my web page. Hopefully you will enjoy browsing through my miscellaneous collection of images and astronomical history.