Astronomy History

Well, Despite the fact that I have done a lot of imaging my major here at Carleton is actually history. However, when it came time to write my comps thesis, I wanted to combine these two interests. After hearing Cindy Blaha's lecture on women astronomers at Harvard at the turn of the century, I decided to investigate these women. In the end I wrote my comps about U.S. Women Astronomers in the 20th century. Through the process of writing my comps I have gathered a bunch of useful information that I hope to give you a taste of here. If you would like to read my entire thesis, a copy of it is on file in the Carleton College History Department.

Early Women Astronomer at Harvard. (link to last year's website)
click here for some info and pictures I put together last year on some early women astronomers including Annie Jump Cannon, Antonia Maury, Williamina Fleming, and Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin.

Background and general information on U.S. women astronomers
some introductory information about the status of women in astronomy.

Beatrice Hill Tinsley
some information about this famous woman astronomer.

Mount Wilson and Palomar
some historical information about women and these telescopes.

Carleton Facts
Some interesting facts about Carleton's astronomical history

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