Add Funds

In Person during business hours

  1. Visit Bookstore or Business Office
  2. You must present your OneCard
  3. $5.00 minimum - cash or check only

On Line 24 hours a day

Use this web page to transfer money from a United States bank account to a Carleton College OneCard account. Your Schillers will be available to spend within 10 minutes after completing this transaction.  Minimum deposit is $20.00.

If cardholder requested does not display, it is likely cardholder has requested that his/her directory information be kept confidential.

Before you begin, be sure to have your bank account information ready from a blank check, NOT a debit card.  Please verify the accuracy of your entry of routing number and account number.  If inaccurate, your bank will deny the transfer.  Your funds will be revoked and a $20 return handling charge will be levied to your Schillers account.  A denied transfer is the same as a check being returned for non-sufficient funds.

Whose OneCard account do you wish to add funds to?