Faculty Dining Payment Options

Faculty have several options associated with their OneCard when dining at Carleton College

                                                       **All transactions can be reviewed for accuracy on the OneCard Dashboard**

 Schillers are personal funds with purchasing power at Carleton retail locations and several St. Olaf locations.

  • Present your OneCard and the purchase will be deducted from your personal Schillers account.   


Dining Department Charge is a privilege granted to Faculty OneCard accounts, redeemable at Sayles and Weitz Cafés, East and Burton Dining Halls.  Only business related meals/snacks should be charged to your department.

  • Present your OneCard and inform the cashier that you want to do a "department charge with your OneCard".

Take A Faculty Member or Staff Academic Adviser to Lunch is a privilege linked to faculty and staff academic advisers OneCards, redeemable in both Carleton dining halls during the lunch period Monday - Friday, during the same time period that student meal plans are active.  Eligible faculty and staff academic advisers have three meals per term to use when dining with a student for mentoring purposes.

  • Faculty or Staff Advisor: Present your OneCard and inform the cashier that you want to use one of your "Take A Faculty Member to Lunch" meals.  The student joining you is expected to pay for their own lunch.