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The machines in these laundry rooms require a OneCard funded with Schillers to operate:
Burton, Cassat, Evans, Goodhue, James, Musser, Myers, Nourse, Parish, Severance and Watson.

Wash price: $1.25 per load
Dryer price: $1.00 for 45 minutes

If you experience failure of laundry equipment, please submit a Laundry Repair & Refund Form. For prompt service, please include the machine number and nature of the problem.


Just prior to the start of the 2014-15 academic year, all laundry equipment on campus was replaced with new machines. The machines that were removed were close to 15 years old and the new machines are much more efficient. While this is a good thing long-term (decrease in energy consumption, fewer maintenance calls, etc.), the transition has generated some confusion and many questions. Please read on for tips on using the new equipment and answers to questions you may have about your recent laundry experiences.


  1. Don’t overload the machines: leave 5 inches between the top of your clothes and top of the basket.
  2. Pile clothes loosely and make sure nothing is caught in the door when it closes.
  3. Use only detergent labeled “hE” (liquid is preferred) and use no more than 2 tablespoons. Too much detergent will produce soapy residue on clothes at the end of the wash cycle. It will also adversely affect the next wash cycle on that machine. hE pods are a convenient way to dispense detergent. 1 pod= 1 load. For best results, DO NOT USE POWDERED DETERGENTS!
  4. Clean the lint filter of the dryer after each load and check the filter before starting each load.


Why did the price of wash and dry increase this year?

  • We renewed our contract with the laundry company and part of the new agreement was to replace all existing washers and dryers. Capital investments of this size are typically offset by an increase in the retail price of the service provided. In this case, the price of a wash cycle increased from $1.00 to $1.25 and the price of a dry cycle increased from $.75 to $1.00. This is the first increase in laundry prices at Carleton in 5 years.

Why do my clothes still have soap on them after the wash cycle has completed?

  • You most likely used too much detergent. 2 tbsp. of liquid “hE” detergent (check the label) is all that’s required.

Why should I use pods to dispense detergent in the washers?

  • Pods are pre-measured for hE washers, so there is no chance of oversudsing. When using pods, do not put them in the soap dispenser drawer. Toss them inside the tub with your dirty clothes.  1 pod =1 laundry load

Why are my clothes still damp after the dry cycle has completed?

  • Don’t overfill the dryer. Leave 5” of space above your clothes. Be sure the lint filter is clean.

When the washer display says “E=do” or E=dL” what does that mean?

  • E=do means the machine door isn’t closed. E=dL means there is a problem with the door lock.

What do I do if the card reader is unresponsive or the machine I want to use doesn’t start.

  • Report the problem using the laundry form on the OneCard website. When reporting problems with laundry machines, please include machine location and number. Choose a different machine or take your clothes to another laundry room in a nearby building.


  • Report a Problem with Laundry Equipment

    Please complete this form if you have lost money due to the equipment failure of a washer or dryer. Refunds will be credited to your OneCard account on the next business day.

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