Schillers Terms and Conditions

Lost Your Card?

Cardholder must mark card Lost on OneCard Dashboard to protect funds. More details here.

Negative Balance will disable your Onecard

Negative balance is not permitted with Schillers accounts.  If your Schillers account goes negative your OneCard will be disabled until you deposit funds.  You must maintain a balance of $0.00 or more.

Account Details

Schillers are an optional prepaid account associated with the Carleton OneCard. Initial purchase of Schillers activates account and signifies agreement to the terms of use as outlined here:

Schillers Refunds

Refund requests are accepted when the cardholder graduates, withdraws, or leaves the college. Refund checks are processed when:

  1. The account balance is $20.00 or more, AND...
  2. There are no outstanding student charges with the Business Office, AND...
  3. A written request is submitted to Campus Services

Graduating Seniors Refunds

Graduating seniors with a Schillers balance of $20.00 or more will automatically be issued a refund check from the Business Office in July after graduation (minus any outstanding fees due the college).