Overall Goals of the Peer Leader Training Program

Peer Leaders will:

  • Become contributing members of the Peer Leader community.
  • Identify selves as leaders.
  • Gain respect of fellow Peer Leaders.
  • Learn how to better serve students in your roles as Peer Leaders.
  • Gain the knowledge to be comfortable referring students to other Peer Leaders and the offices they represent.
  • View yourselves as positive role models for other students on campus.
  • Gain a better appreciation for values, beliefs, and cultures that are different than your own.

Peer Leader Signature Experiences:

Peer Leader Orientation

Join the Peer Leader cohort for the upcoming school year to get and introduction to the program. You'll start to bond with your staff, get to know a variety of Peer Leaders and learn more about your role for next year. 

Peer Leader Fall Training

When returning to campus in the fall, Peer Leaders come together for shared training experiences in preparation for New Student Week and their roles during the academic year.

Peer Leader Conference

All Peer Leaders will come together for the Peer Leader Conference. This is an opportunity to get to know others in Peer Leader positions so you can better collaborate throughout the year, as well as learn new skills to help you be more successful in your Peer Leader roles.

Peer Leader Celebration

Capstone your Peer Leader experience by celebrating with other Peer Leaders.  Join the staff and students from Peer Leader offices as we celebrate our accomplishments from the year.