Carleton's support for DACA students

11/19/16 email to Carleton faculty and staff:

Dear Carleton Colleagues,

A number of faculty and staff have asked that we distribute more broadly the special message that was sent earlier this week to all Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students reassuring them of the College's continued support.

A bit of further background:  Immediately after the election, the two of us began to explore how we could offer assistance to and otherwise reassure these students.  To that end, we brought a recommendation to Tuesday Group to provide financial and other support to these important members of the Carleton community.  We are happy to report that this proposal has now been endorsed both by the College's senior staff and the Board of Trustees leadership. 

Below is the resulting communication from the Dean of Students to our DACA students expressing the College's (and indeed, the broader College community’s) support and explaining how the College will endeavor to help these students navigate and help protect them from future decisions the U.S. government may make regarding DACA status.  

We believe that all of us on campus, including Tuesday Group and the Board, want to be as supportive as we can of these Carleton students. 

Steve Poskanzer 
Carolyn Livingston


Dear _____________:

This has been a wrenching week and I fully understand that the election results may have generated anxiety and perhaps even fear for you and your family.  While the future is uncertain, I want to reassure you that the College cares deeply about your success at Carleton and beyond. We believe you have the talent, drive, and persistence to make a difference in this country.  We want you here at Carleton! 

If you attended last week’s ADMIRE meeting, you learned that President Poskanzer and I met last week and wholeheartedly agreed that the College should, and would, support your continued enrollment at Carleton. I can now also report that the President’s senior leadership team (which includes the Dean of the College, the VP and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, the VP for Finance and the Faculty President, among others) met on Tuesday and enthusiastically endorsed a recommendation that the College commit to provide financial and other support to DACA students.  The leadership of the Board of Trustees also endorsed this proposal.

I want to outline what that commitment looks like.  Carleton College will continue to support your enrollment as a DACA student.  We will continue to provide you with your full financial aid package. Furthermore, in the event that your work authorization is not renewed, Carleton will provide the funding, such that the College will make up for both what would have been your summer student employment contribution and student employment during the academic year. In addition, if you encounter a situation where you require emergency funding even beyond your financial aid award, you may submit a request to cover these additional expenses to the Dean of Students Office. 

Beyond financial support, we are also eager to provide assistance through internal resources that you may have already utilized such as Student Health and Counseling Services, the Office of Intercultural and International Life, the Gender and Sexuality Center, among others.  We will create a website over winter break highlighting helpful non-campus resources such as immigration law clinics, community centers, and DACA focused initiatives.   

I also want to affirm that Carleton has not changed its recruitment and admission practices affecting DACA and international students. 

My colleagues and I are eager to encourage your successful life journey. Please do let us know how best we can provide additional support for you.    

All best, 

Dean Livingston

Carolyn H. Livingston
Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students