Message to students regarding international travel

Sent by email to students on February 21, 2017:

Dear Carleton Students,

We are writing to respond to questions we’ve been hearing about the best immediate course of action for students to follow if they are detained or otherwise blocked from entering the U.S. while on College-based international travel.

Carleton stands ready to support community members who may find themselves detained or blocked from re-entering the country while participating in College-sponsored activities. If you find yourself in such a situation, we urge you, as a first step, to contact one or all of the following College offices:

24-hour emergency line:  507-222-4444
Dean of Students Office:  507-222-4075
Office of Intercultural and International Life (OIIL):  507-222-4014
President’s Office: 507-222-5597

The College has engaged the firm of FaegreBakerDaniels to represent Carleton in this and other matters.  Faegre has a team of attorneys who specialize in immigration law.  In the sort of emergency situation described above, the College will put you in touch with these immigration lawyers (or other resources they advise) to seek counsel on your situation.  The College will also reimburse emergency costs (lodging, meals, etc.) that you must incur if you are detained while participating in a College-sponsored activity and will offer additional support, as needed and appropriate.  Because it is impossible to know in advance all the various circumstances that could arise, the College must retain some flexibility in how it will respond.

Consistent with the College's longstanding and resolute commitment to academic freedom and international education, we encourage students to pursue the opportunities available to them for student-faculty research and off-campus study.  For DACA students, with whom Dean Livingston is in regular contact about these issues, we are urging consultation with staff in Off-Campus Studies, OIIL, or the Dean of Students Office before committing to travel outside the country.

If you have concerns about upcoming travel, please do not hesitate to contact us or any member of the Dean of Students Office, OIIL, or Off-Campus Studies.


Carolyn Livingston

Steve Poskanzer