General Purpose Printing for Students

As a student, almost all of your printing is likely to happen in one of our public lab spaces. All public labs make use of the PaperCut print management system. Below you will find instructions on how to print in our labs, a list of those labs and their locations, and a brief introduction to the idea of print management.

How to Print in Labs

Print Management Primer

Public Computing Lab Locations

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Print in Labs

Remember your OneCard!
The most important thing to remember is that you will need your OneCard with you in order to print in a public computer lab.

While working at your computer:

  1. Print as you normally would from whatever program you happen to be using (Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.), by selecting File-Print or clicking on the print button.
  2. Log-in to the PaperCut pop-up window when it appears.
    You can also specify how long you wish to remain logged in to PaperCut, during which time you will not be prompted to log-in.
  3. Review the details of your print job.
  4. Click Print to send your job to the Release Station.

When you are ready to actually print the files, make your way to the Release Station:

  1. Swipe your OneCard to log-in and review the files that you’ve sent to print.
  2. Click on the Print link next to each file that you want to release and print.

Your files will now print on the corresponding printer.

For more detailed instructions on how to print, please read the Carlpedia article PaperCut

Print Management Primer

Carleton’s goals in implementing print management were twofold.

  • Better management of your printing, including improved security/privacy when printing in a public environment. Rather than simply clicking Print and the file appearing on the printer immediately, the print management system intercepts the request and provides additional management options. These include verification of your identity, grouping of multiple print jobs for release at once, and cancelling incorrect or extra print jobs.
  • Reduce the amount of excess and uncollected printing. While a certain amount of printing is required in any educational institute, Carleton's volume is considered excessive and, in some cases, unnecessary. It was not uncommon to discard thousands of pages of uncollected printouts each day in the labs. Print management almost entirely eliminates the problem of unwanted printouts and promotes a more conscious awareness of printing habits.

Following the implementation of our original print management system (GoPrint) in 2008, we saw a 15% reduction in print volume over the previous year. This was a huge improvement over the 10-15% annual increase that we had seen in previous years.

Public Computing Lab Locations

Center for Math and Computing (CMC)

  • CMC 102
  • CMC 109
  • CMC 110
  • CMC 104 (HelpDesk lobby)

Gould Library

  • 4th floor Reference Room
  • Room 306 - Teaching Lab
  • Room 318 - The Sunken Lab
  • Library Bridge Stations throughout the building

Language and Dining Center (LDC)

  • LDC 241 - Classroom Lab
  • LDC 242 - Classroom Lab
  • LDC 243 - Classroom Lab


  • Room 218 - Upper Sayles Lab

Weitz Center for Creativity

  • Room 028


  • Room 119


  • Room 204 - The Writing Center


  • Room 169

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need my OneCard?

You need your OneCard to swipe and log in to Release Stations. Essentially, the OneCard identifies you to the Release Station which is then able to retrieve a list of files that you have sent to the corresponding printer. The most important thing is that the person who logs in to PaperCut on the computer (and tags each print job with their ID) is the same as the person whose OneCard is used at the Release Station.

What happens if I lose my OneCard?

Guest printing cards are available for emergency use at the ITS HelpDesk in the CMC, the Research/IT desk in the Gould Library, and the IdeaLab service point in the Weitz Center for Creativity. However, you should replace your OneCard as soon as possible, for many reasons.

Why Isn't My New OneCard Working?

When you are issued a new OneCard, there are many systems on campus that need to be updated with the new information from your card. While some of these updates happen immediately, some take approximately 24 hours to complete. You will need to make use of a Guest printing card (see previous question).