Campus Recreation Advisory Committee

Rec Center Advisory Committee 


The mission of the Campus Recreation Advisory Committee is to be a resource for the Carleton College Community and to serve as a voice for Campus Recreation users to express ideas and concerns involving Campus Recreation facilities and operations. Its principal objectives are to be open to suggestions, to encourage participation, and to collaborate with the Carleton Community. The Committee will assist the Campus Recreation management in reviewing/evaluating facilities, services, programs, and equipment while supporting the missions and goals of Campus Recreation throughout all of its locations on campus.


The committee representation will consist of students, faculty, staff, and members of the PEAR/Campus Recreation Dept.

The Campus Recreation Director and Assistant Director will serve as co-chairs. There will be a total of 3 Faculty, two additional staff members, and three student members as assigned. Terms of office are recommended to be a two year assignment with specific standing memberships and (1) CSA Representative.

  • Faculty:
    Laura Goering (2)
    Gerald Young [ex officio]
    Stephan Zweifel (2)
  • Staff:
    Aaron Chaput [ex officio] [Co-Chair]
    Joe Hargis [ex officio]
    Steve Romenesko (1) [Student Life Representative]
    Mikki Showers [ex officio] [Co-Chair]
    Christopher Tassava (1)
  • Students:
    Nat Gillard '20 [Student-at-Large]
    Alan Zheng '20 [CSA Liaison]


The committee will meet one time per term unless there is a need for additional meetings. This committee will operate under a non-voting structure.