Table Tennis

Club Officers 2016-17

President: Minda Liu
President: Avi Moorthy
Vice-President: Drew Gerber
Treasurer: Andy Hoyt
Safety Officer: Jeremy Brog

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Roster 2016-17

Avinash Moorthy
Minda Liu
Drew Gerber
Andy Hoyt
Jeremy Brog
Sophia Jenkins
Aidan Burdick
Evan Wright
David Byun
Dan Black
Zoya Siddiqui
Jon Gillespie
Roy Cady-Kimble



 About the Table Tennis Club

Devoted to a sport that crosses cultural boundaries, the Carleton Table Tennis Club is a community designed to challenge experienced players, allow intermediate players to improve, and introduce beginners to what makes table tennis so unique. People of all ages, physical abilities, and backgrounds are welcome to hone their skills or play a relaxing game with friends.

2016-2017 Practice Schedule

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