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Club Officers 2018-19

President: Robert Browning
Vice-President: Thomas Scruggs
Treasurer: Daniel Tsui
Safety Officer: Adam Bigelow
Safety Officer: Alief Moulana
Safety Officer: Jocelyn Ho
Coach/Instructor: Kaylin Steinberg

Interested in Badminton? Contact Robert Browning (

2018-2019 Practice Schedule

Mondays 9-11pm

Wednesdays 9-11pm

Saturdays 2-4:30pm

All practices held at Cowling Gym.

About the Badminton Club

Badminton! It’s a blast! Whether you’re a complete beginner or a hardened veteran of this noble racket sport, we’d love to have you come play with us at Club Badminton. We practice three times a week in Cowling, usually Monday and Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoon. Bring your friends and play some informal games, or come and hone your skills with a few drills we run every practice. Every term we try to organize either a tournament against St. Olaf or a competition within the Carleton community. Show up some day if you can – we’re always excited to have new members join our community, regardless of commitment or skill level. You won’t regret it!

2018-19 Roster

Coming soon!

Club History

The Badminton club grew out of the intramural Badminton program at Carleton. In 1995 we petitioned to become a club and our first officers were Kevin Packard and Belinda Bertolozzi. For the 95-96 school year Keith Foss led the club with Michele Nichols.

Spring 1996 two of our members, Michele Nichols and Keith Foss, participated in the National BCD tournament which was held in Minneapolis. In the spring of 1995 the National tournament was also held in Minneapolis, and three of our members attended with a singles and a mixed doubles team making it into the B flight. Also, that year during winter term four of our members traveled to the Minneapolis Athletic Club tournament and the mixed doubles team of Michele Nichols and Eric Bass won the runners up prize in the tournament.

If you are an alum and have more information about the history of Badminton at Carleton, please contact Aaron Chaput so that we can make our history more complete!

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