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Club Officers 2016-17

Captains : Jonah Hudson-Erdman and Peter Lindquist

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About the Cycling Club

The Carleton Cycling Club is an organization designed to promote bicycle road racing at the College. We field a competitive racing team, but also welcome cyclists of all abilities and experience. We actively participate in races throughout the Upper Midwest that are sponsored by local teams. We encourage members of the club to apply for a United States Cycling Federation (USCF) license so as to be able to participate in many local races.

Although past years have seen the team compete on the collegiate level as well as in USCF events, the team has more recently concentrated racing activities to Minnesota and Wisconsin USCF events.

Our season begins during the last third of winter term, when we train indoors at Laird Stadium on rollers and resistance trainers. The racing season begins the last week of the term, and continues through a spring term. The team will compete at races almost every weekend throughout spring term; several involve a longer road trip, but most races are within an hour's drive of Carleton.

Practices during winter term take place four times a week; with the onset of clear roads and warmer temperatures, the team begins training outside. During spring term, the team practices every weekday, with racing on the weekends. During the week, practices range in intensity from easy days of relaxed riding to one long ride of four hours.

2016-17 Roster

Nick Anaclerio  
Iris Arbogast
Sam Bacon  
Melissa Bain  
Hannah Barnstone  
Quinn Batten  
Alex Berlin  
Lindsay Brandt  
Shannon Branigin  
Gabriel Brookman  
Sara Canilang  
Kevin Christianson  
Maya Collier  
Meg Crenshaw  
Christopher Tassava  
Emily Culver  
Emma Dempsey
Laura Diamond
Spencer Dillon  
Jackie Dowling  
Lisa Downie  
Margaret Edwards  
Madeline Egan  
Ethan Ellis  
Edie Emmings
Maria Fairchild
Rebecca Fairchild  
Jacob Frankel  
Renay Friendshuh  
Taylor Gaines  
Sarah Goldman  
Willa Gruver
Erin Gustafson  
Sam Haiken  
Chelsea Herrera  
Bennett Herson-Roeser  
Kate Hoeting
Michael Hoffert  
Finn Holmquist
Jonah Hudson-Erdman  
Pilot Irwin   
Ken Abrams  
Jacob Karmel  
William Kay    
Kamran Kelly
Alyk Kenlan  
Paul Kirk-Davidoff  
Pallav Kumar  
Jo Kuykendall  
Adam Krall
Dylan Larson-Harsch  
Anna Lauko  
Ryan Lee  
Abhimanyu Lele  
Anisa Lester  
Laura Levitt  
Peter Lindquist
Russell Li  
Mara MacDonell  
Sean MacDonell
Alysala Malik  
Nathan Mannes  
Emily Marks  
Alex Mathson  
Ian McCarthy
Rebecca McGehee  
Leah Meltzer  
Anna Meyer  
Dustin Michels  
Geoffrey Mo  
Galen Moller  
Emily Moses  
Joseph Nardi  
Nam Anh Nguyen  
Mia Orans  
Andres Parra  
Paul Peterson  
Conrad Phelan  
Gerrit Postema
Jordan Pruszenski  
Walter Pugil  
Saahithi Rao    
Keenan Ronayne  
Jesse Rubin  
Chenoa Schatzki-McClain  
Aaron Schwab  
Michael Shin  
Owen Solis  
David Soper     
Justine Szafran  
William Thorpe  
Kiran Tomlinson  
Max Trostel  
Marcus Van Ginkel  
Emma Velis  
Morgan Vought  
Edmund Wackerman  
Abby Walling  
Ezra Ward-Packard
Daniel Wong  
Nyla Worker
Harry  Zhan
Ari Zuaro 

2016-2017 Practice Schedule

Coming Soon!


History of the Club

The Carleton Cycling Team was the first co-ed intercollegiate competitive team at Carleton.

Carleton College cycling has existed in more or less formal incarnations since the early 1980s, and has a proud tradition; the team won the NCC and qualified for nationals in 1991. That season, then freshman Josh Meltzer won the conference road race, and a woman on the team finished 19th in the criterium at nationals, beating current mountain bike superstar Juli Furtado in the process.

CCC was founded as a club dedicated to all facets of cycling - touring, road riding, mountain biking, etc. The club organized the "Ironperson Triathlon" in the spring and the "Halloween Biathlon" in the fall (which we did invent.) Carleton Cycling ran regular "Bike Repair Day" clinics in front of Sayles. These clinics allowed anyone to bring their bike in to be looked over and, if necessary, repaired for the cost of parts. It led tours around the nearby state park when the fall colors were out. And, of course, it supported the road racing team.

Among the founders of CCC were Mike Record, Chris Payne, Chris Zegal, Tom Bell, Neal Baker, Jonah Murdock, and Matt Stone.  Most of the founders had met in training for the Triathlon. Chris Zegal was the first president of the club. Chris Payne became the director of the North Central Collegiate Cycling Conference, the regional body of the National Collegiate Cycling Association. The NCCA sanctioned all of the club's races and sponsored the national championships.

Carleton attended the national collegiate cycling championships as the NCCCC representative in 1990 and 1991. (In 1990, St. Johns also represented NCCCC.) Kim Griffith was the student who took 19th in the 1990 championship criterium (held at Stanford U.), beating Juli Furtado. Also on the 1990 nationals team were Mike Record, Neal Baker, Chris Zegal, and Kevin Sebert. In 1991, the nationals were held at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA. Members of that team included Chris Zegal, Chris Payne, Tom Bell, Kevin Sebert, and Krista Van Vorst.

The team's primary opponents in the NCCCC were St. John's and Gustavus. Both hosted at least one race each year. There was also a race down at Iowa State every year. The ISU race was the first the team ever entered, in 1989.

St. Johns hosted the conference championship (individual time trial, road race, and criterium) in 1990; Carleton hosted in 1991 (with a team time trial replacing the individual.) Carleton hosted at least two other conference events from 1989-1991.

Apple Computers was the major sponsor of the cycling team, giving about $5,000 in 1990. Domino's Pizza in Northfield also helped with race sponsorship, as did a local hair stylist.

The CSA was quite generous to the club providing it with money for race trips (including the cross-country flights to Palo Alto and Cheney), tools and miscellaneous parts, and some racing gear (including 5 disk wheels.) Much of their generosity was due to the popularity of the club - it regularly had a membership of over 100 students.  The other factor was our "community service" with the bike repair days.

Some other race team members: Mark Cranston, Kevin Noel, Scott Griffith, Kea Umstaad, Susan Ford, Steve Alsdorf, and Jon McBride.

More recently, 1996 graduate Peter Everett had a successful season with the Saturn/Penn Cycles sponsered Flat City Cycling Club in Minnesota finishing in the top 10 in three races this past summer.


The president of St. Olaf Cycling and Sean Noonan worked together to organize a road race on Saturday 4/14. It went off extremely well with a total of 80+ riders participating from all over the midwest. 

In racing, John McMurry finished 27th out of 31 in the B race. Sean Noonan, Blake Hansen and Nate Ryan finished 7th out of 15 in the Team Time Trial. Finally, Sean Noonan finished 7th out of 25 in the A race. 


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