Women's Lacrosse

Club Officers 2018-2019

President: Clara Hobbie
Vice-President: Avery Coombe
Vice-President: Alysala Malik
Treasurer: Kate Rosenfeld
Safety Officer: Suzanne Bums
Safety Officer: Kate Rosenfeld

Interested in Women's Lacrosse? Contact Clara Hobbie (hobbiec@carleton.edu

2018-2019 Practice Schedule

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About the Women's Lacrosse Team

The Carleton Women's Lacrosse Club aims to teach the basics of lacrosse to beginning players while providing opportunities for skill enhancement, increased understanding of lacrosse, and intercollegiate competition for players of all experience levels. We encourage beginners and advanced players alike to come out and play and are always excited for new members! 

We are a competitive team in the Upper Midwest Women's Lacrosse League. We hold practices three times a week during the winter term in the Rec Center. Winter term is an especially good time for beginners to come out and learn about the sport before we start games in the spring. In the spring, practices are held four times a week near the Hill of Three Oaks. Games are held throughout the first half of spring term. Last year, we placed second in our league and hope to go to back to playoffs again this year!

History of the Club

The Carleton's Women's Lacrosse club was one of the first in the area. From '89-'93, the Lacrosse club played Beloit, Grinnell, Lake Forest (in Chicago), Twin Cities, and St. Ben's and hosted at least 2 tournaments of several teams. Between 1995 and 1997 the team's membership has doubled in size and has gained campus-wide recognition. In 1996, the team joined the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League and were able to travel to Indiana and Illinois to participate in tournament play. Today the team is a member of the Upper Midwest Women's Lacrosse League and plays teams from all over the Minnesota and Upper-Wisconsin area.

"I congratulate the current players on all the advances they've made, and I hope they remember how the team started... as a group of not-always-so-skilled but highly enthusiastic Carleton women who kept a great sense of humor... I remember a lot of games where we didn't have a goalie and propped up a lacrosse stick with pads on in the goal, or borrowing the smallest men's players to fill in for away teams who couldn't muster enough players." --Allyson Shames (Argo) '93, Captain, Carleton lacrosse '92-'93

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