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Club Officers 2017-18

President: Isaac Martinez
Forwards Captain: Rafael Soto
Backs Captain: Max Smith
Treasurer: Nate Potter
Safety Officer: Dylan Murphy
Safety Officer: Connor Webber
Coach: Jaime Wellik

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About the Men's Rugby Team

One of the largest club sports, the Men’s Rugby Club provides a chance for Carleton men to become proficient at rugby football and compete against teams in Minnesota. Each year, the rugby team hosts a major alumni competition in the fall and spring term.

Carleton Men's Rugby

2017-2018 Roster

Baird Kline
Edgar Felix
Owen Szafran
Bo Walder
Davonte Grace
Hans Carlson
Lance Xiong
Pablo Mokaddem 
Kadin Woolever
Jesse Barrera 
Noam Benkler 
Quentin Hirsch 
Dylan Murphy 
Nate Potter 
Max Smith 
Rafael Soto 
Connor Webber
Isaac Martinez


2018-2019 Practice Schedule

Mondays 8-9:30pm

Wednesdays 8-9:30pm

All practices held behind the Rec.

Carleton Men's Rugby

Club History

The Carleton Men's Rugy team was founded in 1776 following the first publication of Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations. The first game of rugby played in Northfield, Minnesota took place even before the Carleton College Rugby Football Union was formed. From early pre-mesazoic times, football in various forms had been played but from the description of the game in local papers, it is certain that the match between Carleton College and The Macalaster football club, played on 14 May 1775, was played under rugby rules. Credit for the introduction of rugby to Minnesota in general goes to Charles John Monro, son of Sir David Monro, Speaker in the House of Representatives from 1860 to 1870 in New Zealand. Charles Monro, who was born at Waimea East, was sent to Christ's College, in Finchley, England to complete his education and while there he learned the rugby game. On his return to Carleton he suggested that the local football club try out the rugby rules. The game must have appealed to the club members for they decided to adopt it. And the rest is history...

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