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Club Officers 2016-17

Co-President: Eli Miller
Co-President: Natan Lee-Engel
Vice-President: Sol Yanuck
Treasurer: Eli Miller
Safety Officers: Jake Ritmire and Conor Eckert
Coach: Phil Bowen

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About the Carleton Ultimate Team

In 1984, the Carleton Ultimate Team was spawned from a team named the Frisbee Union of Carleton Knights. Since the Carleton Ultimate Team's inception, the team has steadily risen to become one of the nation's dominant teams in college ultimate. During this growth, more and more people have shown an interest in playing for CUT. Players have included talented football players, soccer players, tennis players, cross-country runners, and, of course, high school ultimate players.

2016-17 Roster

Eli Miller
Natan Lee-Engel
Jake Ritmire
Elliot Mawby
Conor Eckert
Owen Freed
Nikita Fomichev
Sol Yanuck
Henry Fisher
Alex Olson
Eric Taylor
Alex Walker
Cameron Hastings
Tim Schoch
David O'Dea
Adam Throne
Kohl Sparrman
Russell Smith
Sam Boswell
Chenxi Sun
Noah Cohen
Jared Kannel
Joe White
Nathan Mannes
Austin Sorscher
Luke Webb
Liam Holloway-Bidwell
Stan Birdsong
Henry Alexander
Caleb Rosen
Chris Padilla
Dillon Lanier
Ethan Bloodworth

2016-2017 Tournament Schedule

Exit 69 Tournament: October 1st and 2nd
No Wisco Tournament: October 8th and 9th
MLC Tournament: November 5th and 6th

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2009 National Champions


2001 National Champions

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