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Men's Volleyball


Club Officers 2015-2016

President: Chad Stevenson
Vice-President: Spencer O'Bryan
Treasurer: Macallan Brown
Safety Officer: Spencer O'Bryan
Instructor: Kat Miles

Interested in Men's Volleyball? Contact Chad Stevenson (

2015-2016 Practice Schedule

Tuesdays: 8:30-10:30 PM
Thursdays: 7-9 PM
Sundays: 4-6 PM
(Cowling Gym)

2015-2016 Roster

Chad Stevenson
Jamonte Crowder
Matthew Maclay
Macallan Brown
Kenny Harvey
Victor Huerta
Josh Reason
Spencer O'Brian
Fabio Soares
Busayo Bolonduro
Steve Toure
Sam West
Dan Gold
Tristan Leigh
Kennyi Aouad
Dallas Keate
Michael Kipp
Abhimanyu Lele
Dan Mayer
Geoffrey Mo
Nam Nguyen
Joshua Song
Patrick Wallace
Allan Wang


About the Men's Volleyball Team

The Men’s Volleyball Club at Carleton offers advanced intercollegiate competition for experienced players as well as instruction for beginners. Carleton is a member of the Northern Intercollegiate Volleyball Conference (NIVC) and competes in the NIVC league composed of teams from northern Iowa to southern Canada. Participation in the NIVC offers players the opportunity to be certified to officiate and score-keep as well as to play against nationally competitive club teams. The season at Carleton is composed of pre-season practices during the fall term as well as a competitive season during winter term. Students interested in playing with the Men’s Volleyball Club may also apply to get PE credit for participating in the team’s winter season. We always strive to have a good time and train hard, but we also make sure to cool down with some Marvin Gaye after every practice.


Club History

The rich saga of the Carelton’s Men’s Volleyball Club likely dates back several decades to the late 1960s. Since the club has no active archivist, it is difficult to distinguish between the facts and the lore associated with the club. However, for reflections on the club’s past accomplishments please reference the notes left by the team’s alumni. Summaries of the most recent seasons can be found below.

2009-10 Season: Fielding a very experienced team, the Penguins put together a remarkable NIVC campaign with victories over teams including UMN- Twin Cities, Concordia College and Michigan Tech.  Led by middle Joe Swiggum ’10 and right side Erik Williams ’10, the Penguins offensive attack frequently instilled fear in the competition.  Libero Chris Burke ’10 anchored a steady back row, while Jordan Epstein ’10 performed admirably as setter despite never playing the position before and having a broken thumb for most of the season.  Newcomers Elliott Johnson ’13 and Charlie Carbery ’13 also stepped in when needed.  Highlights from the season included a conference tournament run as well as organized festivities preceding Midwinter Ball.

2010-11 Season: The Northern Intercollegiate Volleyball Conference breathed a collective sigh of relief after the graduation of the majority of Carleton’s conference tournament championship team.*  Left with just two returning players, the Penguins quickly got to work bringing in new players to start the rebuilding process.  Freshmen Zach Wood-Doughty ’14 and Daniel Motta ’14 brought much needed experience to the setter and outside positions respectively.   Junior right side Figs ’12 returned from a year-long hiatus to provide solid veteran leadership.  Additionally, upperclassmen Ben Cotts ’10 and Erik Anderson ’13 picked up the game quickly after being thrown into the fire despite limited prior experience.  New coaches Sam Baker ’11 and Rachel Johnson ’14 provided invaluable instruction and leadership.  A late season cameo by experienced setter Owen Demke ’12 helped offset a midseason injury to captain Charlie Carbery ’13.    Highlights from the year included a dramatic come from behind victory against St. Olaf at the home tournament, an appearance at the conference tournament, as well the first annual alumni weekend in the spring.

2011-12 Season: The Penguins continued to improve as players benefited from increased experience and helpful instruction from student coaches Rachel Johnson ’14 and Morgan Jones ’13.  Newcomer Aidan Carroll ‘15 provided clutch experience and versatility, playing every position on the court at one point during the year.  Volleyball newcomer Kenny Harvey ’15 quickly transformed into a dominant hitting force on the right side, while Anders Berglund ’15 made significant progress on the outside.  Additionally, libero Bee Lee ’13 provided much needed consistency in the back row. Varsity athletes Keenan Smith ’15 and Zach Heinrich ’15 provided an additional boost for the winter season.  Highlights from the year included victories at the home tournament, as well as strong performances from freshman starters.

2012-13 Season:  Although the season is still young, the Penguins look primed to reclaim their rightful place near the top of the NIVC.  Experienced freshmen Alex Reeser ’16 and Chad Stevenson ’16 look to provide instant offense while newcomers Brian Kremers ’16 and Tenzin Rigden ’15 look to be promising new prospects.  Only time will tell, but this season should be one of the best in recent memories.

*Bronze Division


Volleyball, Men's

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