Nordic Skiing

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Club Officers, 2016-17

President: William Kay
Vice-President: Anna Meyer
Treasurer: William Kay
Safety Officer: Jonah Hudson-Erdman

Interested in the Nordic Ski Club? Contact William Kay (

2016-2017 Competition Schedule

Jan. 29th @ St. Croix, MN
Feb. 4th @ City of Lakes Loppet, MN
Feb. 25th @ Hayward, WI
March 4th @ Minneapolis, MN

2016-2017 Roster

Aidan Burdick
Anna Nachbor
Anna Meyer
Anna Smith
Calla Slayton
Calvin Lundy
Caroline Carty
Charlie Kapsiak
Christina Tarazi
Clara Liang
Cooper Kohlman
Daniel Kim Lee
David Galambos Erin Gustafson
Ezra Ward-Packard
Finn Tierney
Harry Matthiasson
Ian McCarthy
Il Shang Ng
Jackie Tyson
Jonah Shaw
Jonah Hudson-Erdman
Josh Hauser
Justine Seligson
Kate Nootenboom
Kate Richardson
Kathleen Danielson
Katin Liphart
Kelsey Plank
Lauren Pflughoeft
Lucas Winter
Madeline Hagar
Mara MacDonell
Maud Prineas
Max Trostel
Michael McClurg
Naomi Borowsky
Natasha Dietz
Nicola Lowry
Nina Strand
Olivia Siu
Peter Hueck
Quinn McVeigh
Rebecca Fairchild
Rina Tanaka
Roland Montgomery
Sam Terwilliger
Tenzin Dophen
Tristan Pitt
Will Yetvin
Will Gruver
William Kay
William Decourt
Winston Goldthwaite
Zara Pylvainen


 About the Nordic Ski Club

Carleton Nordic Skiing Club is primarily a team of people who enjoy cross country skiing and racing at a competitive level. We train in the Fall and Winter. There is currently no full-time coach. To be a part of the club you need only limited prior experience but you will need your own equipment. We also hold free workshops, a fun ski race, and invite anyone interested to join us and start loving snow!

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