Competitive Dance

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2016-17 Club Officers

Co-President: Brian DiGiorgio
Co-President: Annie Zanger
Vice-President: Soren Smallwood
Vice-President: Ami Ballmer
Vice-President: Gabe Bury
Treasurer: Brian DiGiorgio
Safety Officer: Annie Zanger
Safety Officer: Soren Smallwood
Instructor: Andrea Mirenda

Interested in Competitive Dance? Contact Brian DiGiorgio (

2016-2017 Schedule 

Ballroom Blast at the University of MN on October 22nd

2016-17 Roster

Ami Ballmer
Gabriel Bury
Ashley Carlson
Brian DiGiorgio
Anna Johnson
Hannah Marty
Christian Nielson
Soren Smallwood
Lillie Snortland
Ethan Somes
Jonas Sun
Calvin Phan
Valentine Purell
Kirsten Walters

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