Ballroom Dance Team

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2018-19 Club Officers

Co-President:Alleana Austin
Co-President: Nicole Connell
Vice-President: Alleana Austin
Vice-President: LouLou Ferrer
Treasurer:Will Loner
Safety Officer: Rumya Ravi
Instructor: Andrea Mirenda

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2018-2019 Practice Schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11pm Cowling Dance Studio

Fridays 3:45-5:15pm Cowling Dance Studio

Saturdays and Sundays 4-5:30pm

Results from Last Competition: 

There were teams from Bemidji State, Iowa State, Luther, North Dakota State, Northwestern, U of M Duluth, U of M Twin Cities, University of Northern Iowa, University of Chicago, and University of Iowa.

Newcomer Latin Samba: Shannon Branigin & Nicolae Sapoval (from UChicago) -- 4th place
Newcomer Latin Rumba: Rumya Ravi & Nicole Connell -- 6th place
Bronze Latin Samba: Lianne Siegel & Soren Smallwood -- 1st place; Gabe Bury & Hannah Marty -- 3rd place; Ethan Somes & Tegan Wilson -- 5th place; Valentine Purell & Lillie Snortland -- 6th place
Bronze Latin Cha Cha: Lianne & Soren -- 4th place; Gabe & Hannah -- 6th place
Bronze Latin Rumba: Lianne & Soren -- 5th place; Gabe & Hannah -- 6th place
Advanced Bronze Latin Samba/Cha Cha/Rumba: Lianne & Soren -- 2nd place; Brian DiGiorgio & Annie Zanger -- 4th place
Bronze Smooth Waltz: Gabe & Soren -- 4th place
Bronze Smooth Tango: Gabe & Soren -- 2nd place
Bronze Smooth Foxtrot: Gabe & Soren -- 2nd place
Advanced Bronze Smooth Waltz/Tango/Foxtrot: Gabe & Soren -- 1st place
Mixed Proficiency Smooth Waltz: Gabe & Nicole -- 3rd place
Mixed Proficiency Smooth Tango: Gabe & Nicole -- 3rd place
Mixed Proficiency Smooth Foxtrot: Gabe & Nicole -- 3rd place
Newcomer Rhythm Cha Cha: Tegan & Shannon -- 4th place
Newcomer Rhythm Rumba: Tegan & Shannon -- 1st place
Advanced Bronze Rhythm Cha Cha/Rumba/Swing: Lianne & Annie -- 5th place
Mixed Proficiency Rhythm Cha Cha: Lianne & Nicole -- 7th place
Mixed Proficiency Rhythm Rumba: Lianne & Nicole -- 4th place
Mixed Proficiency Rhythm Swing: Lianne & Nicole -- 2nd place
Newcomer Standard Foxtrot: Lillie & Nicole -- 3rd place
Bronze Standard Foxtrot: Gabe & Ashley Carlson -- 5th place; Valentine & Hannah -- 6th place
Mixed Proficiency Standard Waltz: Brian & Shannon -- 7th place
Strictly Argentine Tango: Gabe & Valentine -- 8th place
Strictly Lindy Hop: Gabe & Hannah -- 4th place; Calvin Phan & Lianne -- 5th place

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